Harness Features

3-D Thermo-formed Outer Skin - Provides support and structure with a modern look

Moulded PU Outer skin - Provides structure and support for a firm fit

Thermo-formed Outer Skin - Provides support and structure with a modern look

Flex Form Super Sponge Inner Skin - 3pc Thermo-formed inner skin using soft density EVA

Thermo-formed Inner Skin - Lycra covering reduces any chafing from body movement

Air Cell Inner Skin - A soft perforated lining that minimises water absorption

Full Neo Inner Skin - 3mm Neoprene lining for comfort and protection

Neo Wrap - Provides a comfortable fit and feel across the stomach

Internal Neo Belt - Pulls around the waist for a secure tight fit

Independent Tension Belt - Elastic side belts reduce the ride-up effect

Front Buckle Closure - Ensures a tight fit when securing the front section

Thermo-form Lumber Support - Extra padding for lower back support

Full Neo Soft Edge - 2mm Neoprene edge for comfort and protection

Neo Edge - A rolled edge of neoprene provides a softer feel to the harness outline

Pre-curve Shaping - slight concave back profile for added mid back support

Contoured Load Plates - Extra shaping & comfort through a more defined load structure

Low Back Profile - Contoured to fit in the small of the lower back

Mid Back Profile - Gives an extra degree of mobility

High Back Profile - Maximum back support for hooked in riding

Low Hook Height - Lower centre of gravity un-weights the board

Mid Hook Height - Allows for the pull to come from the centre of the body

High Hook Height - Allows for a super easy release when required

Standard Hook - Required for safety when used in Windsurf models

Widestyle Hook - Reduces accidental release from the chicken loop

Sliding Spreader Bar - slides on replaceable webbing through double ladder lock buckles

Quick Clip Spreader Bar - Quicker and easier closure of the harness, with a push button release

Quick Clip Release Hook - Removes the need to undo webbing for an easier bar attachment

Integrated Bar Pad - Side release buckles lock down the spreader bar pad

ScrewLock Spreader Bar - Screw mounts lock the spreader bar and pad together

Bar Hold Down Strap - loops through the spreader bar to maintain hook height

Lightweight Design - Durable lightweight materials are used in key areas

Neo Buckle Fairing’s - Provide a cleaner look

Webbing Slot - secure excess webbing

Seat Attachment - Stops the harness from riding up and provides extra support

Neo Leg Straps - 2mm neoprene offers extra comfort and support

Side Tension Buckles - Ladder lock buckles allow the back support to be adjusted

Grab Handle - Designed for safety when launching overpowered

Removable Grab Handle - Allows for use between Wind & Kitesurfing

D-Ring Leash Attachment - Additional attachment points for kite leash

O-Ring Leash Attachment - Sliding attachment point for kite leash

Quick Release Hook - Removes the need to undo webbing loops

Hook Knife - For emergency situations and easily accessible line cutter

Hook Knife Slot - Optional ability to use a hook knife on Kite harnesses